Tips on how to Work with an Abusive Customer

Whether over the phone or personally, people in the customer care industry typically have to deal with discourteous customers daily. Regrettably, customers are always right, even when they’re not right, and they understand it. Utilizing these suggestions will ensure that coping with an impolite customer doesn’t send your whole working day into a tailspin.

Remain Cool

When you are dealing with an angry customer, remain calm despite how rude the customer gets. Staying professional and considerate will help you keep control of the circumstance. Do not raise your voice, or succumb to their frustrations. You do not want to play their game if they’re trying to get you riled up.

Try to keep Being happy

Smiles are infectious and they impact your mindset. As long as you can keep smiling while the customer is on their rant, you can maintain a handle on the predicament. When you smile, you release endorphins that keep you calm. Ideally the customer will start to calm and smile down.

Never Interrupt the Customer

Let the customer rant and rave while they explain their situation, but don’t listen to the irritated words. Instead, listen thoroughly and maintain eye contact to make sure that you can determine what their issue actually is. The more they talk the more information you will have to resolve it for them.

Legitimize the Patron

Let the customer understand that you are listening and they are being heard. Echo their problem back to them to make sure that you heard them correctly and that you didn’t miss a thing. Whether or not you acknowledge that their concerns are valid, you should still substantiate them by appreciating them for being agitated.

Have a Positive Attitude

Regardless of how disrespectful the customer is, you should react always with positive comments. Drive the discussion beyond the negative and toward the favorable by clarifying to the customer how you can resolve their issue. They are likely to calm down in a hurry once they realize there is a solution at hand.

Steer Them In the correct path

Sometimes it’s impossible to resolve an angry customer’s matter by yourself. When that happens, direct them towards someone who could, whether it’s a supervisor, your boss, or your corporate office. Sometimes knowing the right person to get in touch with for the help they need can calm them down.

Don’t Take It Personally

When customers hit the ceiling, don’t take it personally. They aren’t mad at you. They are just taking their frustration with a product, or the company you work for, or the person who ticked them off earlier in the day, out on you. Wipe it off and forget about it. Don’t let it affect you, and don’t let it mess up your day.

Whether over the phone or in person, people in the customer service industry have to deal with rude customers every day. Using these tips will ensure that dealing with a rude customer doesn’t send your whole day into a tailspin.

When you’re dealing with an irate customer, stay calm regardless of how rude the customer gets. Hopefully the customer will start to smile and calm down.

No matter how rude the customer is, you should respond always with positive comments.