How to pick the right style of furniture for your company

How to choose the right style of Office Furniture for your companyChoosing the right furniture for your office is a matter of both style and function. While you might love hot pink futons, your clients might balk, especially if you’re a lawyer. Projecting the right image is crucial when planning your office space. You want your clients to have faith in your ability to deliver professional services, and the image you project ultimately will increase or decrease their confidence in your abilities. While pink futons might strike your fancy, they might strike fear in the heart of your potential client and scream out zany and unprofessional in a legal environment.


If you will be having lengthy sessions with your clientèle, comfort will be a factor. Instead of straight backed and chairs with hard surfaces, softer angled chairs with comfortable armrests are a great choice to project professionalism and comfort. If you are an IT or software company, a more modern styled conference table makes a better statement than traditional wood. Of course, you should always keep aesthetics in mind when choosing furniture. Although decorating an attorney’s office is a far cry from decorating a graphic designer’s office, traditional doesn’t have to be bland. While dark oak furniture signifies timelessness and solidity, paring an oak desk and bookshelves with colorful and vibrant plants, flowers and subtle decorative touches can soften an otherwise harsh look.


People often overlook the effect that lighting fixtures lend to a room. Whether it’s recessed lighting, candelabra or desk lamps, the lighting options that you choose will have a certain effect on your office space. You can greatly influence mood and aesthetic with certain lights. Soft lighting can be calming and relaxing, while spot lighting can give emphasis to certain aspects of the room. Pairing soft lighting to a room with angular and modern furniture can round off the look and put clients at ease.

Professional image

In addition to comfort and style, paying specific attention to the image you want to portray while choosing office furniture will help you choose the right style of furniture for your personality and profession. Put yourself in your client’s shoes when you are planning your office space and you’ll have a better idea of the image that you are portraying. Ask yourself questions like, “How would I feel if I went to a doctor’s office and had to sit on a hot pink beanbag?” Not quite the image you would want to have.