Office Cubicle Configuration

Going with the right configuration for your place of work can certainly go a long way to making your workers stay content, healthy and inspired. Do you go with an open-plan office space, personal offices for staff, or office workstations? Modern office cubicles have come a very long way from their original design, and here are 5 great reasons you should think about them for your workspace..
1. Additional Privacy.
Cubicles give workers their own individual space to work, without having the absence of privacy that staff members in an open-plan office often fuss about..
2. Much less Disturbance.
The partitions of office cubicles mean that there’s less possibility for workers to be distracted by their colleagues, and they can give more focus to the project in hand.
3. Optimal Use of Space.
Office cubicles are really designed to be great space-savers, so make sure that you really get the style and configuration of your office correct to utilize your available space.
4. Enhanced Working Relations.
Having co-workers in surrounding workstations allows for much more teamwork and conversation amongst employees, and excellent working relationships are important for both the individuals and the business.
5. Increased Productivity.
Cubicles give workers more personal privacy than an open-plan workplace does, there is also a degree of responsibility that comes with working in adjacent cubicles. When their co-worker in the next cubicle can see them going and coming, employees are less likely to spend half an hour hanging out by the water cooler!

Choosing the right layout for your office can go a long way to making your employees remain happy, motivated and healthy. Do you go for an open-plan office space, individual offices for staff, or office cubicles?