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The Cubicle: Your House Away From Home?

Is your cubicle your home away from home? For many, every single thing that they need is there. Of course, you have your phone, your pc and your office paperwork. But, you probably have all kinds of other items too. Family photos are throughout the walls. Your hot beverage and your cold drinks are there. You will find that lots of people have their scribble pads accessible at the same time. But, really, the workstation is a depressing place.

You can spiff them up a little. One excellent way to boost employee happiness is to supply them with a comfortable place to work, even though that is only an office cubicle. But, make them practical, comfortable and spacious. Certainly, you don’t have a ton of room but that little extra bit is likely to help your workers feel more in a workplace than an enclosure. You can add shelving units, desks and computers to the space, but again, ensure that things are easy to use and within reach. You should allow them to have a spot to put notes and photos of those from home. You can readily do this with a corkboard of sorts or perhaps using padded cubicles.

Why should you worry about it? Of course you are assuming that this is a waste of money. But, for many businesses, having a comfy place to operate in will allow your employees to work better. Productivity is quite vital in all aspects of business. And, this is no hidden secret that gratified employees provide better, more competent workloads. So, go on and splurge here.

Are you thinking that you do not know just what you can use to make your employees workspace better? There are a lot of websites online that can help you not only make better work environments for your employees, but that can help you make it happen as well. As a matter of fact, many will provide the products that you need and the labor to accomplish it at a very affordable rate. Give up a little and reap the rewards by providing great cubicles for your employees.

What is a Glass Cubicle

Glass CubiclesEverybody understands exactly what a cubicle is or a minimum of they have an unclear concept of it. Add in the term glass and most individuals aren’t sure what you are chatting about. Glass cubicles are latest thing in the workplace furnishings world and the reasons are obvious.

Visual appeals – It’s simple to see (literally) the difference as a room filled with glass cubicles simply naturally look much better. They offer a coolness element that can not be attained with traditional cubicles.

Natural lighting – Once again it’s simple to comprehend how light can be dispersed much easier when there are no “walls” to obstruct it. The light will reach you if the only thing in between the light source and you is glass.

If someone is on the phone or at their desk, easier to connect aesthetically– With traditional walled offices or high wall cubicles you can simply glance and see. You likewise can’t wave en route by to let them understand the conference is on. Glass desks take away these obstacles and enable for much easier communication.

If you need to produce a work area that needs the use of desks, it makes good sense to pick glass desks and enhance your efficiency, lower lighting expenses and enhance moral. Plus the workplace will look cool!

Office Cubicle Configuration

Going with the right configuration for your place of work can certainly go a long way to making your workers stay content, healthy and inspired. Do you go with an open-plan office space, personal offices for staff, or office workstations? Modern office cubicles have come a very long way from their original design, and here are 5 great reasons you should think about them for your workspace..
1. Additional Privacy.
Cubicles give workers their own individual space to work, without having the absence of privacy that staff members in an open-plan office often fuss about..
2. Much less Disturbance.
The partitions of office cubicles mean that there’s less possibility for workers to be distracted by their colleagues, and they can give more focus to the project in hand.
3. Optimal Use of Space.
Office cubicles are really designed to be great space-savers, so make sure that you really get the style and configuration of your office correct to utilize your available space.
4. Enhanced Working Relations.
Having co-workers in surrounding workstations allows for much more teamwork and conversation amongst employees, and excellent working relationships are important for both the individuals and the business.
5. Increased Productivity.
Cubicles give workers more personal privacy than an open-plan workplace does, there is also a degree of responsibility that comes with working in adjacent cubicles. When their co-worker in the next cubicle can see them going and coming, employees are less likely to spend half an hour hanging out by the water cooler!

Choosing the right layout for your office can go a long way to making your employees remain happy, motivated and healthy. Do you go for an open-plan office space, individual offices for staff, or office cubicles?

Creating a Work area with Individuality

Individuals put in a lot of time, energy, and money into decorating their houses, but they tend not to usually spend much time contemplating jazzing up their work spaces. Decorating your workplace only makes sense. You spend the majority of your day there, and having a tailored atmosphere can improve your mood and raise your productivity.

Just before you start personalizing your work environment, it’s important to review your company’s standards to know what is permitted and what just isn’t. It’s time to get started with your game plan to transform your office cubicle into your own personal workspace retreat once you know the lowdown on the rules.

Add a Dash of Vegetation– Virtually nothing says fresh and lively like a minor bit of greenery in the bend of your workdesk. While adding plants can give your personalized area a pop of personality, if you’re not great at always remembering to water them, a Chia pet will work just fine.

If you are going to have to look at the walls you might as well make them appealing, vitalize The Walls–. Put up some multicolored wallpaper, cloth, or wrapping paper with Velcro, or two-sided tape. Altering your wall surface with each season or for the holidays will serve to help keep your mood uplifted.

Display Your Accomplishments– Make copies of any awards or certifications you’ve received and hang them. It will help keep you motivated and remind others of your qualifications.

Frame Your Family and Friends — Frame and hang attractive photos of your family and friends. Beware not to hang too many though. Remember this is your office, not your dormitory.

Light Things Up– Mix in a modest desk light fixture to brighten things up around your work desk. If you don’t want to use a brighter bulb, a decorative lava lamp will certainly enhance the mood.

Give Your Seat a Boost– Adding a brilliantly tinted seat pillow or reupholstering your seat could give you the lift you need. Sometimes the littlest improvements can make all the difference.

Adorn with Individuality — A couple of cool gadgets and accessories like a solar usb phone charger, desktop punching ball, and interesting sculptures are certain to raise your spirits.

Enhance the Air Around You — A little bowl of potpourri can add a delightful scent to your individual space, as well as a dash of vibrant color.

It’s crucial to have a workspace or cubicle that you can appreciate and look forward to heading to daily. Just bear in mind in your enhancing journeys that it’s important that you are aware not to overdo it. Exposing your unique personality is great, but going all out and building an obtrusive surrounding that impedes on your coworkers is not.

People invest a lot of time, energy, and money into decorating their homes, but they don’t usually spend much time thinking about decorating their work cubicles. While adding plant can give your personal area a pop of personality, if you’re not good at remembering to water them, a Chia pet will work just fine. Jazz Up The Walls– If you’re going to have to stare at the walls you might as well make them interesting. It’s important to have a workspace or cubicle that you can enjoy and look forward to going to each day. Showing off your unique personality is good, but going hog-wild and creating an obtrusive environment that imposes on your coworkers is not.

Cubicles or desks?

Open desk space vs cubicles – which is preferable?

Office Cubicles or Office DesksOffice administrators and support staff have voiced strong opinions on this debate for decades: which is better, an open office with strategic desk placement or cubicles divided into individual work spaces? For many years, partitioning office space into cubicles held sway over the open desk scheme, but that trend appears to be changing in favor of spacious arrangements that offer workers and clients a comfortable atmosphere. While many office workers agree that an opened up office scheme is preferable to an arrangement of cubicles, this trend does not come without a few distinct disadvantages. In the end, it’s up to the people who work in these settings to decide which format best suits their styles and the type of work that takes place, but it might also be beneficial to do a side-by-side comparison of some elements associated with office arrangements before reaching a final decision.

Comparing office activities in cubicles vs open spaces

– Communication and teamwork:
Open desk arrangements are typically more conducive to teamwork and communication between employees. For industries in which workers must collaborate frequently, or engage in group discussions, an open desk configuration works very well. For businesses in which employees work mostly on their own, cubicles might be the better option.

– Noise and privacy:
Privacy is one of the biggest advantages of working in a cubicle setting. This is especially true during telephone calls when office workers could accidentally overhear confidential conversations. Noise is another factor that can interfere with work conducted outside of a cubicle arrangement. If privacy and noise aren’t an important element of how a company operates, then either configuration is an option.

– Work flow and interruptions:
While open office spaces promote teamwork, they may also invite colleague interruptions and breaks in the flow of work. By contrast, cubicles provide a more isolated setting, enabling most workers to develop an efficient work flow. Cubicles also mean fewer interruptions by other workers and even administrative staff members.

The final word

No single office configuration automatically trumps another. Finding an arrangement that promotes the ideal working environment depends upon an amalgam of factors unique to each industry as well as the preferences of the company and its staff of office workers. Sometimes the best way to solve the desks vs cubicles debate is by trial and error and by paying attention to the overall comfort and contentment of office personnel.


Space Planning and Configuring for Cubicles

Used CubiclesOffice cubicles have become commonplace in most workplaces and almost a certainty within any large organization. The uniformity, ease of expansion and reduction make this form of business furniture option very popular. All key points should be considered when planning for cubicle configuration including: formation, safety, function and storage.
You have to be able to physically fit the needed number of cubicles in the space you have available. To get to a number you obviously need to know how many employees you have and what size space you have to work with.

If your company places a high value on face time when solving problems then a tight configuration might serve you well. Either way the flexibility of cubicles makes both options very doable.

Storage– Most businesses of decent size experience employee fluctuation on a fairly regular basis and thus having “empty space” is necessary. It is easier to just open a cubicle than to add one and possibly have to reconfigure an entire floor. When the initial calculation of the number of cubicles needed is practiced, this point should be kept in mind.

When planning a cubicle configuration, Safety– Study local building codes. There usually are requirements for offices to have a certain amount of walkway space. Many laws also require that a specific number of fire exits are accessible, so it is important that your formation not block any of these exits and result in a violation.

Probably the most popular configuration is to place the cubicles right in the middle of the floor allowing the traffic to move around the center of the cubicle. The second most popular configuration is to attach the cubicles to the walls which leave space in the middle of the floor for foot traffic.

Whatever cubicle configuration option you choose, take the time to plan wisely and avoid the pain of having to reconfigure because you missed calculated or didn’t take the time at all.

All key points should be considered when planning for cubicle configuration including: formation, function, safety and storage.
Safety– Study local building codes when planning a cubicle configuration. Probably the most popular configuration is to place the cubicles right in the middle of the floor allowing the traffic to move around the center of the cubicle. The second most popular configuration is to attach the cubicles to the walls which leave space in the middle of the floor for foot traffic.